Optimized Technology

Benefit from cutting-edge technologies that deliver optimal efficiency and convenience

Venga’s comprehensive technological optimization ensures your every translation project will be easy to conduct and track. We ultimately not only give you access to top-of-the-line technological solutions but also an extensive in-house network of expert linguists, reviewers, and global marketing specialists.

Optimization technology


Venga Gateway

Venga Gateway does far more than simply help you manage projects and budgets, customize your team’s experience, and check your project status 24/7. It also ensures that each project benefits from a sophisticated centralized server-based translation environment, global project management system, and automated customizable workflows. Learn more


Gateway Connect for Website and CMS Integration

Forget the hassle of having to copy and paste text or send content via email. Having already fully integrated solutions for your website or CMS, we will work closely with your team to eliminate time-consuming manual tasks, and fully automate translation processes. Learn more

Knowledge management

Knowledge Management

Don’t miss out on the benefits of being able to access proper knowledge management. By fully leveraging your current translation assets, we not only utilize terminological systems that guarantee to optimize correct word choices in your content, we also minimize your costs. Learn more


Machine Translation

Using human reviewers to augment inexpensive machine translations, we ensure your people can easily customize workflows that mirror your company’s cost and quality requirements. After all, why pay more than you have to for each job? Learn more