Venga has a lot to offer your global company and here we present an overview of our translation and localization services.

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  • About Venga

    About Venga

    Venga is a translation, localization, and global creative partner that helps companies expand globally. Learn more about us, our specialties and why you should choose Venga for your translation and localization needs.
  • Venga Global Creative Services

    Venga Global Creative Services

    From technology companies to high-growth enterprises, Venga understands the what, when and how to localize and adapt content for your global brand.
  • Translation Memory Management

    Translation Memory Management

    Translation Memory is a valuable tool that can increase speed and quality while reducing translation costs. To ensure maximum benefit from this asset, Venga will implement and optimize each client’s existing Translation Memory, or even create new ones from scratch.
  • E-Learning Localization

    E-Learning Localization

    Training a company’s global workforce and new customers either in person or via online e-learning is vital to the success of a business’s current and future profitability. Venga Global provides international enterprises with comprehensive translation and localization services for all kinds of corporate employee and customer training programs
  • Gateway Connect CMS Integration Solutions

    Gateway Connect CMS Integration Solutions

    Venga Gateway Connect CMS connectors eliminate many messy manual steps in website translation. The system ensures faster turnarounds and greater consistency for clients.
  • Language Quality Management

    Language Quality Management

    Quality has always been Venga’s top priority. Ensuring value creation is the responsibility of everyone involved in the translation and localization process – from project managers and translators to production support staff.
  • Global Supply Chain Management

    Global Supply Chain Management

    At Venga, we believe that the successful delivery of quality projects depends on assigning the right resources to each job by matching each content type with the most qualified resource while balancing resource supply with demand.
  • Desktop Publishing

    Desktop Publishing

    To help clients produce translated files without having to take unnecessary steps such as manually copying translated text from a word processor, Venga has become skilled at working with all major desktop publishing applications.