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Case Study Rimini Street: When Copy & Paste Don’t Cut It Anymore

case study : Rimini street, when copy and paste doesn't cut it anymore

It’s just one of those bumps in the road almost every company that is trying to scale its business to a global level experiences. With quick time to market becoming even more crucial, websites and marketing content need to be translated and localized fast, and the processes that used to work just don’t cut it anymore. Specifically, copying and pasting the content, sending it to the language service provider and later on having to insert the translated files into the content management system (CMS) manually.

t’s slow, it’s tedious, it’s error-prone.

That was pretty much the scenario for Rimini Street when the company reached out to Venga. A leading independent provider of maintenance and support for enterprise software, Rimini Street wanted to translate its webpage and other content into Japanese. The timeline was short and it was clear that this project would be a test-run for its expansion into other global markets. The challenges were twofold. Rimini Street needed to get around the impossibility of scaling the old manual copy-and-paste process and speed things up. They also wanted to insure that end-product inconsistencies would be eliminated. This required a translation partner with access to the best local resources for translation and review.

Rimini Street’s use of Ingeniux as its content management system (CMS) made Venga the ideal partner to solve these translation and localization challenges. Our Ingeniux + Venga Integration cuts the eight steps of the manual process in half. With just four steps, the system allows for a seamless website translation integration. Files are maintained directly within the integrated system instead of having to copy and paste them. Posting translated pages to the website takes just a couple of seconds. This integration reduces errors and shortens timelines while increasing productivity, speed, continuity, consistency, and reliability.

Let’s have a look at the four steps of the integrated process to better understand how the Venga + Ingeniux Integration works:

Step 1: Automated File Transfer from the CMS

Once the files that should be translated are chosen with just a click in the CMS, the process is set in motion immediately. That alone saves hours of work. Without the integration, someone would have had to manually export files to a desktop computer and re-configure them to a certain file type. Then, it would have been necessary to give them individual names to correspond to the web page name, requiring an additional time-consuming quality assurance step of double-checking site architecture and naming conventions.

Step 2: Translation and Quality Assurance

Within seconds of being submitted, Venga’s carefully selected translators with subject matter expertise went to work. In this case, they completed the translation of about 9,000 words well within the deadline.

Step 3: Automated File Transfer Back to the CMS

Once linguists are finished with their work, the translated files are automatically sent back to the CMS and integrated into the appropriate pages. Rimini Street’s team made sure that the task was completed. The team can preview each translated page in the CMS and see if any areas still require attention, such as images embedded in text and PDF files, for example.

Step 4: Launch

Rimini Street published the translated content on a staging server and Venga conducted a linguistic quality assurance check using members of its team. After that, the site was ready to launch in Japanese. Venga provided Rimini Street with the translated Japanese content within two weeks, the new website was launched within a month.

Happy with the results, Rimini Street expanded the Venga + Ingeniux Integration, using it for a list of other languages, including German, Brazilian Portuguese, Arabic, French, Hebrew, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese. The process even works for right-to-left languages like Arabic and Hebrew and offers special additional efficiencies of time and money.

To find out more details about the successful collaboration between Rimini Street and Venga, you can download our free case study here. We are also happy to provide you with a free quote for your translation and localization project, just shoot us an email.

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