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The Scoop on Website Translation Pricing (part 2)

The scoop on website translation pricing

You understand how translator scarcity and web content transfer methods can impact the cost of a website translation project. (Check out our last post if you don’t.) But what else can impact the cost of a translation project and explain the wide range of pricing translation agencies offer? Here are three more factors that determine costs when you deal with translation experts.

Images with text:

If you have images with text in them, it usually requires extra effort to get the text translated and formatted in a way that looks correct within the image.

Text within the image
Streamlining website translation and localization

Text separated from image for easy translation

Image without text

6 consideraciones para

racionalizar la traducción y

localización de páginas web

Images that are completely separated from text lead to a less expensive process. You can also put the text you want translated in an excel sheet for the translator then edit the image yourself to cut costs.

Quality assurance:

Vital for websites and videos. You will want to have someone go through your material and make sure all the mechanics (links, buttons, etc.) work to perfection. No one wants to find a 404 page or other error on their Spanish or Japanese site!

Translation memory:

When you have content translated, your translation agency should create a translation glossary of your preferred word choices. Many agencies offer discounts for companies that have these glossaries, meaning that your costs may go down over time as the percentage of matches and repetitions might increase.

Ready to start translating translation quotes?

You now have a better idea what goes into the quote you get from translation and localization agencies and can make informed decisions about your options. Don’t have an agency yet? Looking to expand your current language offerings? Contact us for a free quote. At Venga, we provide all the services covered in both posts and can get you on your way to the best translation and localization plan that fits your business needs.

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