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Website Translation Streamlined with Gateway Connect for AEM

gateway connect for AEM website translation

Online markets are growing faster than ever, and in a global, multilingual economy, consumers want high-quality content as fast as possible. So why waste time on tasks that could easily be streamlined?

In the past, traditional website translation technologies involved a lot of needless back-and-forth between clients and translators. But thanks to our new Gateway Connect for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) integration, these messy manual steps can be streamlined to put your projects into our translators’ hands faster and return consistently high-quality websites.

Copy and paste no more

If you’re trying to create a website in another language, you know that translating or localizing that page can be a long and complicated task. Traditionally, these projects require someone to manually transfer all the files to the translation company, who then must transfer them into a CMS, and then reverse that process to return the translations. Multiply that by multiple sites, multiple languages, and an intense translation monitoring process, and you may spend more time copying and pasting files than actually producing content.

With Gateway Connect for AEM, however, these manual steps are automated so you can get to the actual work of creating and publishing translations faster. Gateway Connect is also set up to understand that there’s more on a website than just the body of text, you can manage the translation of all of your website assets at the same time. This saves you time and money, and gives you fast access to expert linguists to work on your web pages.

Getting a project started with Gateway Connect reduces the time you spend inefficiently transferring files. Just select the files you’d like translated, choose your languages, and send the request to Gateway Connect. What used to take hours now takes minutes, putting your files in our expert translators’ hands faster.

Faster time to translators: less twiddling your thumbs

Once in Gateway Connect, your texts will go through workflows set up specifically for your translation to ensure that they meet your needs exactly. Our expert translators at Venga translate and localize your web page, assisted by automated translation technologies and translation memory tools that help deliver consistently high-quality translations. By automating lower-level tasks and using technologies that learn from past translations to produce new texts, Gateway Connect for AEM saves you money where it counts.

After our linguists and reviewers have done their work, Gateway Connect’s automated client review and approval processes allow you to drop in on the translation process when you want to and communicate instantly with translators with the click of a button. Rather than having to meticulously monitor the entire process, you can check in when necessary.

Finally, since all your files are in Gateway Connect and don’t have to be transferred from application to application, you can publish your web pages as soon as you’ve approved them. You can go straight from review to publication at your desk.

Using Gateway Connect for AEM, we save you time and money, while delivering the same high-quality translations without the risk of constant back-and-forth.

To find out how our variety of Gateway Connect Integrations can help you create and publish an international website faster and more efficiently, talk to one of our experts at Venga or request a quote.

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