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While the concept of the personalized shopping experience is now widely accepted across the eCommerce world, remembering the most basic forms of customization remains a must.

Translation into your targets’ native language

This step’s importance is stressed in various Common Sense Advisory studies showing that fully 56% of consumers surveyed believe an ad’s language is a deciding factor in their purchase decision. Ultimately, some 52.4% of survey respondents said they would only buy products advertised in their own language.  According to another recent report, 14 languages are now needed if brands are to reach 90% of the global audience online.

Having carefully evaluated the estimated sales revenue-generating potential in different online markets, plus each market’s approximate number of major language speakers, our suggested rankings of the top 14 languages needed to reach a global audience are as follows:

Key Languages Needed to Reach a Global Audience:

14 languages

Our extensive menu of core services in this area includes:

The Venga Advantage

At Venga, we are firm believers in minimizing the complexity of the projects on which we work. To this end, we have developed a process to help you successfully complete your translation and localization tasks as quickly and painlessly as possible. In doing so, we offer you the following added advantages:

  • A Truly Integrated Technology Solution: We can easily implement systems that automate time-consuming manual tasks and also eliminate the need for heavy developer involvement. In addition to being agile and scalable in line with the needs of the most rapidly evolving website, Venga Gateway Connect also provides you with CMS and highly adaptable WebToGlobal integration options.
  • Centralized Project Management: In addition to selecting highly qualified linguists based on their expertise in specific industries, we benefit your brands with dedicated Program Managers. Serving as a central point of consultation, these managers will assist you in:
    • Supporting operations across multiple time zones.
    • Selecting an optimal team of translators, reviewers, and engineers for each project.
    • Making it easier to maximize brand consistency across multiple languages by developing and maintaining key tools such as style-guides and translation glossaries.
    • Driving operational excellence by identifying and exploring possible process improvement and innovation measures.
    • Saving valuable time and man hours by ensuring you always derive maximum value from tools such as translation memory, etc.
  • Global Creative Services: When planning to expand your company’s eCommerce footprint, it’s essential to first establish what you will require to successfully move into markets that are culturally different from those you’re already familiar with. The level of standardization required by any global marketing drive is often dependent on the nature of the products being marketed, the unique needs and values of target consumers of different cultural backgrounds, and each market’s different level of maturity. Our global creative services will be of even more value to your company as necessary customization levels increase. To this end, we offer services including:
    • Brand and Product Naming. We will tailor and adapt appropriate brand names for culturally diverse markets such as China, Japan and Middle East. Where necessary, we will design a bespoke in-market brand identity which will add a vital local dimension to your global image.
    • Transcreation and Creative Adaptation. Rather than simply replicating your company’s international website, we ensure that your online presence in specific markets is fully local in every way, shape, and form. We are also skilled in tailoring original content whose key messages always work locally.
    • Local Market Insights. Given the vast market differences between territories, it is vital that your business spends time researching and implementing solid localized roll-out plans. We offer invaluable insights into strategically important markets and tips on the best ways to successfully launch in each one. Our creative and cultural consultations will also help guide you through various complex aspects of web design.
    • SEO Copywriting. Working closely with proven international search specialists and experienced in-market creative copywriters, we assess audiences by first understanding search behaviors and keyword/keyphrase selections. We will then create appropriate copy based on our learnings.
  • Quality Assurance: We have always made achieving the best quality our top priority and have developed a thorough quality process to ensure optimal translations every time. Download more about our Language Quality Management.

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