Integrations with Gateway Connect

Gateway Connect CMS and Website Integration

Simplify your company’s global expansion with a seamless integration of automated content detection and high-end translation that will work with any technological website platform

Integration with gateway connectTranslate your website no matter what its existing platform and architecture

  • Enable your internal teams to edit/review all translations before publication
  • Eliminate time-consuming manual file transfers and emails
  • Instantly integrate our Gateway resources with your site regardless of whether or not it presently uses a CMS
  • Quickly detect and send content updates for translation
  • Customize content via either human translation or machine translation + human post-editing
  • Slash once intensive, time-consuming eight-step processes by up to 50%
  • Enjoy all of these benefits at minimal cost and free of expensive, lengthy integration timelines

Your Integration Options

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Gateway Connect for Adobe Experience Manager

Achieve effortless translation via our seamlessly integrated Venga Gateway Connect and Adobe Experience Manager. Easily installed with little IT support, this system eliminates copying and pasting and error-prone email transfers. It also gives your team full access to a suite of resources including a network of expert linguists and reviewers, knowledge management tools and other supports. Learn more

Drupal Logo Gateway Connect for Drupal

In creating Gateway for Drupal, we asked our resourceful engineers to streamline formerly tedious content translation processes. The team subsequently innovated a solution that eliminated messy copying and pasting as well as enabling automated between-system/translator information exchanges. The end result is it is now much easier for your people to establish exactly what content has or has not already been translated. Learn more


Gateway Connect for Ingeniux

While our powerful website translation system easily integrates with most types of CMS, our strong bonds to Ingeniux ensures we can work especially effectively within their system. Like to learn more about this uniquely innovative time- and money-saving website translation solution? Then please watch this short video. Learn more