InView for Product

What is it?

InView for Product is an online tool that enables in-context translation and review of web based products, desktop apps, and websites.

Why does it matter?

InView for Product takes out much of the time and expense of testing your product for other languages. Powered by Rigi, InView will allow for a screen capture of every view of your product and create a working instance in which translators can input their translations straight into the matching fields. It is now possible to do in-context review of your translated and localized product without involving external testing vendors.

How do we do it?

InView for Product - Source File1. Clients will provide source resource files. These can be in a variety of formats (.json, .xml, txt, etc).


InView for Product - Rigi file2. Venga will generate a Rigi language file from the source. These are the same as the original source files but have hidden tokens added before and after every string to track what needs to be translated.


InView for Product - Staging server3. Clients then host the Rigi language files on their staging server.


InView for Product - In-context clone4. Every page and view in the product is screen captured to generate an in-context clone.


InView for Product - automatic send5. The in-context clone is sent automatically to Rigi’s cloud server for translation and review.


InView for Product - translation and review6. Venga linguists translate and internal and external reviewers review in-context, directly on the clone for more accurate translations.


InView for Product - Deliver translated files7. We will deliver translated files back to the client in the original format. For example, if the original source is a .json file then we will deliver a translated .json file.


InView for Product - Publish8. Completed translations are published on the production server.


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