Terminology Management

Eliminate confusing terminology issues in three simple steps

Terminology Management


Working closely with your staff, Venga will help you to identify key terms, establish validated multilingual glossaries, and create client and market- specific Style Guides. By pre-setting KPIs and goals for your terminology use before translation and localization begin, we will also help minimize potential delays later on by delivering clean content that fully adheres to your company standards. Should amends be needed at any time, our clearly-defined change request process ensures you will always remain in control.

Achieve Consensus

What happens should you query words or phrases whilst reviewing translated content? Our terminology management platform makes it easy to ensure organization-wide consistency by inviting all relevant team members to check, confirm or endorse the option they feel is most accurate and suitable.


Once projects are completed, validated terminology will be updated within your glossary, thus also guaranteeing the highest translation quality and consistency for all future translation projects. Using only previously validated terms to communicate your brand message in each target market will ultimately play a vital role in keeping both your translations and brand fresh, current, and relevant.

Why You Need Translation & Terminology Management

  1. Ensures brand consistency. Also known as multilingual terminology glossaries, translation glossaries will protect your brand by establishing the precise ways in which its preferred terminology, company messaging, and key industry terms should be translated.
  2. Prevents confusion. Your translation glossary will be a must-access resource for the project managers, in-country translators, desktop publishing specialists, linguistic quality assurance staff, global copywriters, marketing professionals who make up your company’s translation and localization teams. Each will ultimately use the glossary to establish what your company wants to communicate and how it should be presented across key international markets.

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