As thought leaders and advocates of best practices in the translation and localization industry, we’re proud to offer Venga’s collection of translation resources and information on translation and localization. Here you’ll find a wealth of free information to help your organization plan, execute and improve the successful globalization of your products, services, information, websites, and collateral.

Free Translation Resources

Our library includes:

  • eBooks – In-depth, yet easy-to-understand information, on the most common topics in translation and localization, including Agile software localization, how to create a translation glossary, streamlining website translation, and more.
  • Case Studies – Venga case studies highlight our work with a wide range of companies on various translation and localization projects, while demonstrating how we’ve solved complex and time-sensitive issues.
  • Service Descriptions – Our repository of basic information about our translation processes, quality assurance methods and more.
  • Webinars – Want to watch our solutions and best practices rather than read about them? Our webinars help you understand the latest industry trends, our innovations, and recommended strategies.
  • User Guides – Venga user guides take you on a step-by-step explanation with screen grabs on how to use our unique technology solutions, including website CMS integration, to help you save time and money with translation and localization.
  • Brochures – What do we do? Why choose Venga? Learn about Venga, our services and why we’re the translation and localization partner of choice for global companies.
  • Infographics – Simple, visual representations of the concepts surrounding taking your business global.
  • Blog – Read the latest news, tips, and best practices for translation, global marketing, localization, and more.

And if we don’t answer your questions here in our translation resources section, feel free to contact us with your questions, or, if you’re ready, receive a quote for translation and localization services.

Translation Resources