Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Desktop publishing (DTP) really began in 1985 with the introduction of PageMaker software from Aldus and the LaserWriter printer from Apple Computer for the Apple Macintosh computer. Since then we have come a long way and today’s system enable high-end production anywhere. The challenge from a translation and localization point is how to preserve the design of the original design asset after the content has been translated to another language and maybe also another character set.

Venga’s DTP services involve a long checklist to ensure that each finished translation and localization project is just right for your market, including such items as:

  • Fonts and special characters
  • Changes in composition conventions
  • Text that is longer in the foreign language
  • Hyphenation rules for different languages
  • Culturally appropriate use of colors and style

Since we support all major content development and DTP applications, we can preserve native file format and layout in your translated publications in any language, regardless of text directionality, greatly reducing the overall work, time, and costs needed for DTP.

Desktop Publishing Software Support

Venga supports all major desktop publishing and content development applications to help you translate your documentation and publications directly in their original file format. No need to copy source and translations in and out of Word or other word processors. Our desktop publishing specialists will format your translated documents to look just like the original taking into consideration right to left languages, bi-directional (bi-di) text, and any cultural DTP specifics of that locale.

Whether you use applications like InDesign, Illustrator, FrameMaker, or Powerpoint to publish your translated brochures, newsletters, images, illustrations, presentations, flyers, ads, posters, or web content – Venga can translate your publications in their original file format.

Multilingual DTP Template Creation

Venga can also develop global templates with built-in translation considerations, such as content length increases by 30-40%, to reduce the overall needed DTP time multiplied by each target language.

Right to Left and Bi-Directional Languages

It can prove challenging to format content published in languages that read right to left, like Arabic or Hebrew, or that can operate in a fully bi-directional way, as Chinese. Venga will format your translated documents so that the layout, formatting, and graphics look as you would expect and in accordance with style and brand guidelines, regardless of directionality.

Culturally Aware Desktop Publishing

DTP also involves formatting your translated publications to be culturally appropriate for the target locale. Our team of local creative talents and DTP experts will make sure that your translated images, graphics, screen shots, illustrations, and diagrams will be well-received in the target country.

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