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Getting Up To Speed With Agile Localization

You know that time is money. Agile development, designed to work in short sprints instead of long development cycles, is a great way to keep on top of customer demands and the latest technological changes. Agile has become standard for most software companies, but is quickly spreading to other industries. Curious as to how Agile localization can help your business?

Agile software localization eBookIn our insider guide to Agile software localization you’ll learn:

  • Why Agile is important for any global business
  • How Agile impacts localization, particularly in the testing phase
  • How to decide if Waterfall or Agile workflows make more sense for your project
  • The best ways to coordinate and plan for SimShip success
  • Why workload spikes might be costing you up to 10% more than necessary

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