Work better with visuals? With these infographics, Venga presents insightful information that will help you understand how to take the next step into international markets as well as the translation process, strategy, quality assurance, and more. We get in-depth without getting super technical and explain in everyday language the many aspects of translation and localization.

We are adding new infographics on a regular basis, so check back soon to see what’s new.

  • Going Global: From Startup to Scaleup

    Going Global: From Startup to Scaleup

    Are you ready to scale up? Start planning now to get ahead of the game. At Venga, we’ll help you develop precisely targeted local messages to make your brand stand out in any market.
  • 6 Key Steps to Go Global

    6 Key Steps to Go Global

    At Venga, helping companies go global is what we do and these days, going global means becoming accessible to other language markets. Here we outline our recommended six-step process for global success.