Translation Quality Assurance

The quality of your translated products, websites, documentation, collateral, or any other information reflects on your company and brand. Your potential customers will evaluate the quality of your service and product offerings in part based on the quality of the words.

This becomes even more important in the world of cloud applications, when changing system is much easier than in the days of only on-premise systems. Customer loyalty can change fast and the price of sloppy local language can be high.

Translation quality assurance breaks into several important parts:

Experience Counts

Make sure you put together the best team for every project. Venga only uses experienced translators with industry knowledge of your market to work on your projects. When you write your source content or develop your software user interface (UI) you only use the best people — the same applies to translation projects.

Quality In, Quality Out

By optimizing the source content before you start translation you multiply your savings by the number of languages you plan to translate into. These changes range from clarifying confusing text, removing slang and jargons, cleaning and streamlining existing content to reduce number of pages, to combining similar phrases into one to increase reuse of already translated phrases.

At the end, you will not only have higher quality translation, but also a better source text. We will ensure that the value you have created with your brand is effectively communicated in your target content so that your final product is of the highest quality. Want to read more? If so, see our Measured Quality.

Your Brand, Your Words

With the use of our central terminology databases and translation memories, Venga will use your branded and validated terminology in the target text to maintain your brand’s image and ensure your product’s success in an international market. Go here for more on Venga’s Global Creative Services.

Process Definition and Centralized Automation

Make sure all team members understand the process, build in quality control steps, and make sure everyone knows what is expected in each step. Venga has a cloud-based workflow system that integrates into all required translation and quality management systems. This way everyone is working with the same information and everyone is current. No need to search through email for the correct file.

Brand Toolkit and Style Guides

To ensure consistency and correct management of your brand, style guides and global brand toolkits are important parts of translation quality assurance. By developing a new style guide and updating the global brand toolkit for each new language or locale you evaluate all the local considerations before the project starts. The result is better quality, faster projects, and lower costs.

The Best Tool Gets It

We use the best translation quality assurance tools available, and make sure they are used. Venga has integrated quality control steps in our workflows and translation management systems, which is the best way to make sure it gets done EVERY time.

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