Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Achieving consistency across all languages

Desktop publishing (DTP) preserves the design integrity of your original source material and adapts it to your target market where necessary.

We reduce the amount of work, time, and costs involved in adapting your content by leveraging:

  • Tools and technology such as InView for InDesign
  • Thorough knowledge of all format types 
  • Right-to-left and bi-directional language support 
  • Culturally knowledgeable DTP engineers 

We can handle any DTP or eLearning production-related file format. The most common ones we work with include: 

  • DOC
  • PPT
  • PDF
  • PSD
  • INDD
  • AI /EPS
  • FM / MIF
  • CPTX
  • VSD / VDX