Document Translation & Localization

Clear and understandable documents across all languages

If your business has a global reach, chances are you’ll need translated documents of some kind. Providing documentation in your customer’s or employee’s native language is one of the highest-impact things you can do to increase sales or engagement. Of course, the translation needs to accurately capture the context, tone, and specialized language of your original.

We translate any document, no matter the format, into 100+ languages with the highest caliber of in-country translators who are vetted and have a wide variety of subject matter expertise.

We can translate all texts and document types for your business, including:

  • Product documentation
  • Help/support documents
  • Marketing materials
  • Training documents
  • Technical documentation
  • Anything text or document you have the source files for

And if you only have a PDF version of your document–for example, because that’s what an external vendor or advertising agency gave you–we can help you translate that PDF. Using desktop publishing tools (DTP) we can produce translated versions of the source PDF.

Trusting Venga with your document translation means that you’ll benefit from translation memory, style guides, and desktop publishing (DTP). And if you have a very large-scale international documentation project, we also offer the option to pair our linguists’ work with machine translation assets to speed up the process.