eLearning Translation & Localization

Increase engagement and comprehension with translated eLearning materials

You engage both your international clients and employees with your eLearning and training content. Translated or localized eLearning materials are vital to ensuring that your messages–and any necessary training information–are coming through clearly. After all, comprehensive and engagement increase drastically when training is in a learner’s native language. With eLearning localizations, clients and employees are free to focus on the content of your message rather than translating it.

Venga provides international companies of all sizes with comprehensive eLearning translation and localization in over 100 languages. You can work with us from initial curriculum development to final launch of translated material, or choose from a host of individual services like content translation, video translation, and production to suit your localization needs.

The eLearning Translation Process:

With so many moving parts, eLearning and training translation can be complex. For example, if your company trains through webinars and videos with accompanying notes, how can you ensure that every piece of text in the video is translated?

Venga breaks down all our projects into simple steps that are manageable and adaptable to your timelines and budget.

We work with you as needed to:

  • Evaluate your source material
  • Create a style guide and glossary
  • Complete translation, localization and/or subtitling and/or voice-over recordings
  • Manage the post-production process.

We have a thorough quality assurance process that ensures that your eLearning translation is of the highest linguistic and production quality, and our automated review system allows you to stay involved along every step of the eLearning translation process.