International SEO

International SEO is the practice of offering optimized website content, search terms, and keywords in a variety of languages to make your website as visible as possible in local search engines, to the local audiences of your target markets. For any company wanting to go global, international SEO is the easiest way to bring the right traffic and right business to your site.

Get Your Website Found

Start by identifying where your international clients are located, what languages they will use, what they will be searching for, and what content they will be looking for.

To just translate your website into another language is not enough. As your potential customers from different countries are searching, they will use phrases and search terms which are based on their own culture and experience. Each market must be managed and approached differently. With over 1.4 billion internet users (70% of total) not speaking English, there are huge missed opportunities of not optimizing your website for your international target markets.

We provide support in the following areas:

  • Keyword research

  • Search – term, phrase, and pattern research

  • Blended/universal search evaluation

  • Link building

  • Content review

  • Title and meta description tags

  • Technical assessments

  • Local content creation and copywriting

  • Social media network optimization

International SEO:  Only One Part of the Global Puzzle

Each market is unique and international SEO will only get you so far. For some countries, such as Japan, local representation and staff might be more important. The challenge or opportunity is to get the mix right, and Venga has a comprehensive set of tools from localization and translation services to global creative services to help you succeed.

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