Global Program Initiation & Improvement

Giving you the right tools for your international efforts to shine

Mature your approach to localization and solidify your ability to get support from your organization. Most of our clients are interested in centralizing and optimizing efforts, processes, and budget. To do that they must understand current and future internal requirements from a variety of content producers/owners, sell the concept to their executive team so they can build a service infrastructure, and evangelize it to the rest of the organization.

Our program approach will support you and your team in those goals. We can help you develop a mature localization approach and implement the right operational and strategic globalization functions for your organization.

Global program initiation and improvement

Globalization Program Office (GPO)

We consult with our clients on the following:

Globalization strategy:

  • How to make globalization a strategic part of your organization’s growth path
  • How to build a sphere of influence
  • How to manage funding and budgeting for globalization
  • How to demonstrate a return on translation investment costs internally
  • How to evangelize your services
  • Strategic positioning

Globalization operations:

  • Build the right GPO team structure
  • Insource vs Outsource
  • Centralized vs decentralized
  • Standardization
  • Strategic positioning
  • Technology and automation set-up
  • Vendor management and quality models
  • Internationalization requirements

Venga can advise and contribute to both your strategic and operational goals. 

Globalization Maturity Assessment

We use an internationally recognized assessment theory and practice framework to assess your organization’s globalization plan. We help you achieve the next level of localization maturity for your organization.