Game Localization

The world of online gaming is expanding to new global markets every day. And with these hundreds of millions of gamers getting online every day, your game needs to speak their language and, in many cases, take into account their cultural and aesthetic preferences. Whether it’s a high-profile AAA or a limited release game app, trust Venga’s full-range of game localization solutions to help you reach international gamers.

We translate and localize games, on any platform, into 100+ languages. Our experienced native-speaking gaming experts who know the correct terminology, game culture and local nuances.


Are you sure your characters will resonate in Japan? Will the symbols be offensive in Brazil? Make sure your game fits the culture of your target markets. Venga can help you determine what may need to adapt for your game to be enthusiastically accepted by new gamers. Learn more

Voice-Over & Subtitling

We provide multilingual voice-over and subtitling into any language, using translators and voice talents who can seamlessly adapt your game for any market. Learn more

Multi-Platform Testing

Game testing has many moving parts, with exponential complexity when multiple languages are added. Venga is able to manage that complexity with finesse due to our 25+ years in the software industry managing testing on a wide variety of platforms. Learn more

Multimedia Production

No need to burden your in-house production team. Venga can take your files, localize them with voice-over, subtitles, and any needed culturalization and then return your files back to you, completely ready for use in your new, target markets. Learn more

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