International SEO

Cultivate global demand and optimize your visibility

For any company wanting to go global, international search engine optimization (ISEO) is a key step to bring the right traffic to your website. International SEO research can show you the particular search behaviors and keywords of your in-country users. Including SEO-optimized text in your websites will help you connect with customers in each of your target countries in their own languages through their own search terms.

For example, Venga client, Smartwares, markets a wide range of consumer goods under various brands, operating in 63 countries. They faced the challenge of setting up a new website for each of their brands and optimizing existing content for all product groups for improved online findability and online presence.

Venga took on the project of updating their content across their product pages and providing multilingual SEO in 7 languages. Due to our SEO optimization tools and translation memory, they reduced their operating costs by 32% and sped up their time-to-market. 

We provide international and multilingual SEO support in the following areas:

  • Keyword research
  • Search – term, phrase, and pattern research
  • Blended/universal search evaluation
  • Link building
  • Content review
  • Title and meta description tags
  • Technical assessments
  • Local content creation and copywriting
  • Social media network optimization

If you’re working on large projects in multiple languages, we can also build translation memory and glossaries that leverage a balance of reused text and unique text for SEO to save you time and streamline the web-creation process.