Translation & Localization

We are translation and localization experts, translating into over 100 languages and helping companies go global. Our translation and localization services include:

software translation and localizationSoftware Localization

Venga translates and localizes your mobile, web and on-premises software applications in a cost-effective, repeatable and scalable way, integrating with your software development process, whether Agile or Waterfall. Learn more

Website translationWebsite Translation

Your website represents your company and therefore deserves the best translation possible. Venga uses the latest website translation technology to integrate with any CMS, automate the process and allow for updates 24/7. Learn more

Document translationDocumentation Translation

You’ve thought about your software or product localization. What about your documentation? Venga translates your support documentation and help documents, which are essential to your international success. Learn more

eLearning TranslationeLearning Translation

Venga has the experienced resources you need to translate, produce, and optimize online training content. We help you train your global workforce, while still ensuring the highest quality for your company’s needs. Learn more

Multimedia translationMultimedia & Video Translation

Global audiences are constantly seeking out new multimedia and video content. Venga provides translation, subtitling, professional voice-over and production to help meet the demand. Learn more

Marketing translation

Marketing Translation

Whether it’s email marketing, collateral, product brochures, or brand advertising, Venga has the global resources and cultural know-how to take any marketing material to your target audience. Learn more

Data Collection Translation IconData Collection Translation

Data collection is a vital part of gathering content to train AI to better respond to and interact with natural human language both written and verbally. At Venga, we translate your data and scale fast so your multilingual capabilities can too. Learn more


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Contact Venga for a quote for your translation or localization services project. We’ll be happy to walk you through the process and provide tips on saving time and money. Or, take a quick look at our Services brochure to learn more about each service and the benefits of working with Venga.