Data Collection Translation for AI & Machine Learning

Data collection is a vital part of gathering content to train AI to better respond to and interact with natural human language both written and verbally. At Venga, we have an extensive pool of resources and can scale to 1000+ linguists working to translate your data sets into target languages in as little as 2-4 weeks. This means that you will have quality multilingual data fast.

Venga has developed customized technology to manage supervised data collection translation projects for voice and text content.

We don’t just crowd-source blindly. Through our systems and solutions, we ensure quality and controlled environment for your data collection over and over again for each new language.  We use selected and trained human translators to translate and/or record your data to give you consistent and accurate data sets across multiple languages.


Our linguists follow customized rules and training to generate the most beneficial multilingual output for your AI modeling. One of our largest clients has even named one of their training models “Venga” after seeing huge improvements in their output.


We also provide voice data collection from your collected strings and can provide a variety of both male and female voice recordings in multiple languages.

If you need to scale the functionality of your AI or machine learning to multiple languages, you are in the right place.


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