Content Optimization for Localization

Content is the lifeblood of your brand. High-quality, optimized content contributes to a compelling sales story, satisfied customers, lower support costs and happy stakeholders. In addition to helping build a strong brand, content optimization is key to efficient, cost-effective localization.

What is Content Optimization for Localization?

Before beginning to localize any information into multiple languages, Venga’s automated content optimization can save you thousands of dollars and staff hours.

We will perform a comprehensive and automated diagnostic of your information that will:

  • Identify inconsistencies throughout your source content, implement fixes and subsequently reduce translation time and cost
  • Ensure adherence to existing glossaries or terminology bases to further save on your translation projects while protecting your branding and trademarks
  • Optimize source text for the use of Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools and Machine Translation (MT)
  • Create and update rules for future authoring based on legacy text style to ensure that your company’s messaging and voice remain consistent and are well accepted in your selected geo locales
  • Increase sentence reuse by eliminating duplication of similar phrases that could be combined into one
  • Rewrite ambiguous phrases that are difficult to translate
  • Shorten long sentences and remove unnecessary words
  • Correct inappropriate use of examples, units of measure, and so on

A simple change of wording to one segment of content may not seem like a big deal in terms of cost, yet multiply that change by 25 or 30 languages and you can begin to gauge the invaluable benefit of performing a pre-assessment.

Why Optimize Content with Venga?

Venga has a team of professional editors with extensive experience in optimizing content for software and technology companies. Our professional content optimizers use best-in-class tools and localization best practices.

Global Style Guide Audits

Reviewing source content against agreed upon rules and standards in the global style guide allows us to make it clean: remove colloquial and culture-specific terms and phrases, as well as potentially awkward linguistic and syntactic structures (modal verbs, unnecessary superlatives or modifiers, contractions, gerunds, etc.) to ensure it is clear for upcoming translation projects.

Improved Readability

The right changes to your source information trigger a noticeable decrease in costs during translation and localization and, as an added benefit, result in enhanced readability of source content and a better overall user experience.

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