Global Curriculum & eLearning

As your company expands its global footprint, it is important to make sure that your training continues to develop in line with your international business aspirations and the needs of your burgeoning customer base.

Curriculum Development for Global Training

Venga’s curriculum specialists will support the development of your global curriculum and make sure it is aligned to your global business objectives and optimized for your translation and localization strategy. By applying our tested methods for successful rollout of curriculum you ensure that your development and translation process is fast and cost-efficient.

Venga helps you meet the training needs of your international clients or internal workforce by developing professional learning solutions for classroom, eLearning, or certification programs.

Why Adopt a Global Strategy for your Training Curriculum?

A high-quality training curriculum aligned to your global business objectives is central to your business ambitions and gives you the ability to offer your customers or international workforce training that is relevant and culturally acceptable. What’s more, as you grow your professionally developed training curriculum, you can maximize your investment thanks to increased customer satisfaction and reduction in support calls.


Most curriculum organizations use a variation of the ADDIE-model: analyze, design, develop, implement, and evaluate. Venga has its own version of the curriculum development process; one that also takes into consideration the global student base and translation and localization needs. Our model takes into account such factors as:

  • Use of internationally understood examples
  • Parallel tracks of exercises or labs for products where functionality differs between countries
  • Definition of training data needed to complete a class
  • Developing global templates
  • Appropriate use of colors
  • Developing global curriculum guidelines

Custom Curriculum Development

Venga understands that each and every business is different – not “one size fits all”. We will work with you to develop a training curriculum that is aligned to your business objectives and the needs of your international customer base and workforce.

eLearning Course Production

Venga’s skilled training and eLearning developers work with our pool of over 3,200 skilled linguists, localization engineers, and voice-over talents, and will produce high-quality eLearning courses. As an option for voice-over we also offer machine voice, which for some projects can offer significant time and cost savings. For more information, see our sectioCurriculum Developmentns on International Voice-OverVideo Production, and Subtitling.

Why Choose Venga to Develop Training Curriculum Content?

With over twenty years of experience working for a wide and diverse range of clients from around the world, Venga’s curriculum developers will help you create or translate training content and develop eLearning courses that can be localized quickly and cost-effectively.

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