Business Reviewers

Business Reviewers & In-Country Linguistic Review

You’ve received your translations back from your agency. How do you know if they are brand appropriate in the new languages? How do you know they follow your style, tone, or content goals? Many companies use internal “business reviewers” from their international offices to review translations before they are finalized. However, what if you don’t have a local office? And what if you do, yet the local team is too busy to review your content?

Venga provides business reviewers in over 100 languages . They first learn about your brand, style, and goals and then conduct in-country linguistic reviews on your behalf. This often allows for faster turnaround times, on-time launch schedules, increased quality, and less burden on in-country staff.

Our team of industry business reviewers are put together for each customer each time. No customers’ requirements for business review are the same in terms of industry background or type of review. By adding external business reviewers that know your specific market, you can streamline the final review and save valuable time at the end of a project. If you are short of internal reviewers and have a tight deadline to meet, then speak to us about a business reviewer program for your company.

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