International Voice-Over

Effectively translating, localizing, and recording your training, eLearning, product demos, and marketing videos into different languages while maintaining quality control is what we do. Venga’s experience in producing quality translated video, and our professional voice-over artists worldwide will translate your product demos, games, and eLearning videos with a streamlined process.

Venga will also help you with video hosting, SEO, syndication, and analytics integrated with your learning management system (LMS). In addition, we will produce multiple video formats to support user experience viewing for tablets, mobile, and other devices running different operating systems.

Voice-Over Translation Process

Venga’s streamlined workflow guarantees high-quality production of translated videos for your eLearning, training, product demos and marketing needs. Experienced project managers collaborate with expert linguists, professional voice talents and an experienced video production team to produce recordings that are culturally appropriate and of studio-quality.


From source preparation, through translation, recording, and post-production, the Venga team emphasizes clearly stated processes with built-in audio and video quality checks and client review stages.

Professional Voice-Over Talents

Venga uses an international group of native, professional voice artists to ensure high-quality content production. Venga works closely with you to select voice talents suitable for your videos.

Male, Female, and Machine Voice Talents

Different voice talents may be needed to match the content of the video. In addition to finding male and female voice talents, machine voice talents can be used as a cheaper alternative that still delivers good quality for certain applications. Venga helps you find the appropriate voice talents to fit your video translation needs and your budget.

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