Video Production

Aspects of Global Video Production

Producing eLearning, training, and marketing videos optimized for a local language and market involve many different considerations.

Beyond the obvious language barriers, content that we create in our own language tends to have many cultural specific sayings and references that do not translate well. As part of each project we complete an audit of the source content to streamline it for translation and localization. This step reduces cost by taking out words that do not need to be translated and shortens the project duration as fewer errors or questions will arise.

Venga will prepare your video files for translation and voice recording, utilizing the same industry eLearning and production software that were used when the source material was developed. That way there is no need to convert formats or lose valuable time in the process.

We will also enable you to host your videos supporting multiple devices and operating systems, provide analytics that can connect to your LMS and video SEO that can help your videos “go viral” globally.

Translation-Ready Video Production

For your video translation project needs, the Venga production team is dedicated to providing high-quality translations of your original video script. We work with you to customize the video content for your target locales in order to successfully convey your message to your global audience.

eLearning and Video Production Software

Venga’s team is familiar with a wide variety of the latest eLearning and production tools. These tools include Adobe Premiere, Camtasia, After Effects, Flash, Captivate, Articulate, and Presenter. We also have extensive experience working with complex video projects that utilize multiple video production, animation, and graphic design tools.

Video Hosting and Analytics

Keep users on your website by embedding videos and call-to-action links, including social media sharing features, without redirecting them to another site. Venga provides the services to host your videos, offering an easy way to upload videos, track analytics, specify SEO terms, and syndicate to other mediums.

Video SEO and Multi-Device Support

Video is a powerful communication tool and works best when your viewers can view and engage with your content on different devices and operating systems. Our team can translate and localize videos for viewing on multiple devices in order to maximize user experience. Optimize and localized video SEO for your translated eLearning, training, or product marketing videos will increase the number of visits to your video or website. A metadata strategy using relevant keywords and phrases is also essential for optimizing your translated videos’ SEO potential and increasing the number of views.

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