Localization Testing

Localization Testing & In-Context Linguistic Review for Software & Websites

Once you have localized your software or website, how do you know if the localized version functions properly? Venga localization engineers and trained linguists will perform localization testing in order to determine the linguistic and functional use aspects of your localized software or website, thereby ensuring that it is ready for release. If appropriate, Venga will use different quality assurance tools to aid testing and can enter localization bugs directly into JIRA or whichever bug tracking system you use.

As mentioned above, we break down our localization testing into two main areas:

  • In-context linguistic review (LQA), which is the process of reviewing the translated content after it has been re-imported into the application or website
  • Manual or automated functional user testing

Our linguists and localization experts test your localized software or website for correct language and functionality using quality assurance tools and bug tracking systems to ensure on-time international product release and launch.

In-Context Linguistic Review

You also want your localized software or website to make linguistic sense and be well received in the target locale. Venga’s linguists ensure the correct language is used in a familiar, appropriate cultural context so your users can navigate the software or website without misunderstanding the translated language or its purpose. A perfectly correct translation of a word or heading might not be appropriate when it appears in a website or a cloud application, and that is what our linguistic reviews will make sure is fixed before you go live.

Localization Functional User Testing

After you have localized your software, you want it to work properly. Venga’s localization engineers and testers will conduct localization testing to the localized software to ensure that it is user-friendly, intuitive, and ready for the target market.

  • Functions: To test the main functions of an application
  • Usability: Basic usability testing of the system, such as whether users can freely navigate through the screens without any difficulties
  • Access: Checks the accessibility of the system for the users
  • Error messages: Checks for error conditions and if suitable error messages are displayed

Because we are exposed to the same interface as actual target language users, we will encounter and fix any possible glitches before the localized software is released. This is a crucial part of the release process, as research shows that fixing a bug early in the process can be up to 100 times cheaper than after the product is used by customers.

Software Localization Quality Assurance

Venga employs a variety of tools to assure quality throughout the entire testing process. If appropriate, we input localization bugs directly into JIRA or your preferred bug tracking system to resolve any problems. Originated in the software industry, we understand the importance of quality control and testing for producing high quality localized software and the key role it plays in your success internationally.

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