Software internationalization (i18n), is the most cost-effective way to prepare for international use and future translation of your mobile, web, and on-premises software applications. In essence: making your software global-ready.

Venga’s software experts, which include respected authors on i18n for Java, .NET, Rails and other frameworks, will help you pay your internationalization technical debt with ease. Venga will utilize assessment as well as resource file monitoring tools alongside best practices to integrate into your Agile, Kanban, Waterfall or hybrid software development iterations.

I18n Benefits


Software internationalization has many benefits, such as improving software quality, reducing development time and cost, enabling code reuse, reducing localization and maintenance costs, and increasing customer satisfaction. Venga is here to help you get your software product global-ready. Learn more

i18n Assessment


Venga can assess your code so that you launch your software with the global customers in mind. Our engineers utilize automated tools to analyze code strings for software internationalization compliance and identify and fix globalization issues, documenting them in a bug tracking system. Learn more

i18n Process


Reduce your software internationalization technical debt. Let Venga help by assessing how to optimize the i18n process and how to successfully integrate ongoing localization updates in your software development process. We can also document internationalization processes and best practices. Learn more

i18n Engineering and Consultation

Engineering and Consulting

At Venga, we help you adapt and manage your software developments to support a wide range of languages and cultural formatting. We offer on-site or remote consultation on how to internationalize your applications as well as i18n code refactoring services. Learn more

i18n Testing


Plan your software development process with internationalization considerations to allow faster time-to-market releases and repeatable and scalable product cycles. Venga can then test your product on multiple devices and operating systems, build test units and test cases and use automated i18n tools to guarantee a healthy product. Learn more

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