Software Translation

Venga has helped to launch hundreds of software applications into foreign markets. Our software translation services are of the highest quality in the industry, with hundreds of thousands of words translated per year. We approach software translation as carefully as you approached the creation of your original UI content. Our translators around the globe are experts in a wide range of subject matters and we carefully vet them to ensure your software is translated with knowledge and care.

Software translation can go beyond word-for-word translation. Localization, one step beyond translation, takes into account local cultural preferences, legal requirements and proper formats.  The goal for Venga’s software translation services is to make the translated or localized application seem as if it was originally created for the new, target markets. And Venga has this expertise due to our deep experience in the software industry; in fact, Venga originated in the industry itself, as a part of the in-house localization department at a multinational software company.

We translate into over 100 languages and incorporate into any development methodology you employ — Agile, Waterfall or a combination of the two. Sprints are our speciality and we can keep up with the most strenuous of release schedules.

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