Website Translation

Venga offers website translation services in over 100 languages, emphasizing quality, while balancing brand consistency with local preferences. Plus, Venga is an expert in managing content updates, the addition of new web pages, and the implementation of micro sites. Combine our advanced translation tools with Venga’s roster of experienced and vetted translators and you have true state-of-the-art translation for your global website.

Why Website Translation?

Think your customers don’t mind that your website is only in English? Even if they speak English fluently, surveys show that buyers prefer websites in their own language, even in heavily English-speaking areas such as Hong Kong or parts of Europe. Website translation, along with multilingual SEO, is one of the most effective ways to have global customers not only find your product and services, but also learn about you in their preferred, local language.

WebToGlobal Automated Website Translation

WebToGlobal combines website software technology with translation services to give you an extremely fast and easy website translation process. There’s no need to involve your web developer or webmaster. It works with any CMS (content management system), even if you don’t have one. Learn more

CMS Integration

Using a common CMS like Drupal or Ingeniux and want to avoid the manual preparation and transferring of files to and from your translation agency? Venga has an easy answer: a simple CMS integration that creates automated workflows, detects changes and works with a secure API. See more on our AEM, Ingeniux, or Drupal integrations.

Multilingual SEO

Multilingual SEO is brings customers to your international sites. And just as SEO can get tricky in English, each region has their preferences for how they search for terms. Venga has in-country SEO experts who take your English SEO terms and adapt them for your local websites. Learn more

Video Translation

Videos are a key component of marketing to clients around the globe and are prominent on many websites. If you’ve translated your website, you’ll also want to strongly consider video translation. Without it, your website is only partially translated and will appear unprofessional to your clients.  Learn more

In-Context Linguistic Review & Testing

Once your website content is translated, you’ll want to make sure the translation is reviewed in context. Our engineers and translators will test the linguistic and functional use of your translated website to eliminate linguistic errors due to the on-page contextual misunderstandings. Learn more

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