Video Translation & Localization

Expand the reach of your videos with subtitling and translated voice-over

Multimedia and video are powerful assets not only for SEO, training, eLearning, product previews, and marketing but also for global audience reach. Your audience is far more likely to engage with video content, especially video content that’s in their own language. Venga offers video translation in over 100 languages, using international professional voice-over talent, subtitling and closed captioning services, and video localization to help you communicate your ideas with the world.


Multilingual subtitles and closed captions are great ways to enhance video user experience. But without context, subtitles can confuse your audience rather than draw them in. At Venga, we conduct all our video translations in-context. We use InView for Subtitling, our in-context subtitling tool that streamlines the subtitling translation and review process.

Once subtitles have been translated, additional challenges can arise when implementing messages across different languages. For example, text for one language might be much longer and not fit the screen as well as its original source material. Additionally, as different languages may use entirely different word order, a given subtitle may be out of sync with the action on the screen.

By using a tool that provides in-context translation and review, we can meet these challenges head-on. The ultimate aim is that the videos we localize look and sound every bit as natural as the original.


Expand your multilingual SEO success and global user engagement by utilizing Venga’s voice-over services. When your content would benefit from an emotional connection, or if tone of voice is key to your message, choosing to use translated voice-overs can help you make your content as engaging as possible.

Venga’s streamlined workflow guarantees high-quality production of video translations for your eLearning, training, product demos, and marketing needs. Experienced project managers collaborate with expert linguists, professional voice talent and an experienced video production team to produce recordings that are culturally appropriate and of studio quality.

Video Localization

Depending on the type of video content required, an audio script might not be the only thing that needs to be adapted for international viewers. Some of the other video and multimedia localization services we can provide for clients include:

  • Video Editing
  • Animation
  • Major recreation
  • Localized screen captures and embedded videos