Blog Translation:
Bringing a Fortune 500 CEO Closer to Global Employees

The Background



This Fortune 500 company started a new internal CEO blog as the CEO’s way of communicating with employees. The goal was to create a sense of familiarity and let employees see him as a human being not just a leader. They tracked engagement and looked for ways to increase it in their main markets. A multilingual functionally came up as a good way to do this.

The Challenge





Settling into an average of 6 posts/month + additional press releases and the occasional video the company decided to localize into 14-17 languages. While time was not a factor on most posts, if a public response was needed during a crisis situation, speed and accuracy were paramount.

The Solution








Research: When we first started the project we did research on both the company and the CEO himself. When a new linguist gets added to the team they are required to learn this information. We make sure that they understand his tone, what he wants to say, and how he says it.


Linguists: Venga keeps the same linguists on the project long-term so they can grow in knowledge of the company and tone of voice. In the cases where we have to switch someone out, we provide reference material in addition to the previous translation so they are thoroughly familiar with how the translation should sound to keep consistency.

Project Management

Project Management: Dedicated project managers constantly monitor the account so that we are ready to deliver an urgent project on short turn-around times.

The Result


from employees



Across departments, employees are very happy with the quality of the blog in their own languages. This has led to additional projects from other teams who need their content translated as well. Because of how well Venga knows company procedures and policies, we are able to take the stress out of the process for people requesting first-time translation projects. We are able to get them up to speed and take care of the details and process so they don’t have to.

What They Say…

“Thank you team Venga for always delivering. You are proving to be a very valuable partner.”

– Communications Manager