Employee Benefits Brand:
From Startup to the World

The Background

What began with a simple tool to enhance companies’ brands has since grown into an industry-leading platform that has redefined the way modern employers go about engaging with their global workforces. This start-up is now enabling massive international firms to realize their employee rewards strategies. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, they operate offices across several major markets worldwide.

The Challenge

It is simple to state that start-ups need to ‘go global’ from day one. Needless to say, deciding which country to launch and invest in first and devising an optimal content strategy for individual markets is not so easy. We worked closely with the brand to help them develop products and services with international audiences in mind. As the importance of the brand’s product features often vary from country to country, it was essential that communications were individually crafted to match each audience.

The Solution

Venga was fortunate to be able to engage with the start-up brand’s global teams at the early stage when key strategic decisions were being made. After listening carefully to the client’s pain points, we tailored step-by-step support services that ensured the company could achieve its main objectives in several individual markets.


Discovery and planning. Engaging with the brand’s global marketing specialists and content creation teams, local sales/marketing staff, and other key stakeholders early on, we audited all key content and provided an initial consultation. This groundwork ensured we were able to accumulate all the knowledge needed to develop solutions that fitted the brand’s needs at a pace that matched its planned growth.


Agility. As the pace of every start-up brand’s evolution to global status is different, Venga is skilled in frequently adapting content in phases and quickly bringing ourselves up to speed with client requirements.

Copywriting excellence

Local copywriting excellence. Copy content was one of the key areas we identified as being ripe for improvement. We offered the best local market copywriters to help create or adapt the client’s existing copy for its websites in individual markets. Along the way, our teams closely studied the global brand tone of voice, rigorously adhering to, and adapting, all defined keywords for their intended markets.

Subject matter expertise

Subject matter expertise. Where necessary, we strengthened our team with writers equipped with the specialist expertise needed to effectively localize content and HR terminologies. Our optimally-balanced combination of SME translators and creative copywriters ensured the content hit all the right notes.

The Result

Within just three months of first collaborating with the client, we had helped the company to successfully adapt its local websites and improve the overall quality of its brand communications. In keeping all messaging content consistent with the client’s global tone of voice, we also gave the brand’s local teams the confidence they needed to successfully develop their markets by more clearly focusing on planning specific sales and marketing activities.

What They Say…

“The quality is good! Our compliments to the Venga team for being able to grasp our proposition so quickly.”

– Marketing and Product Manager