FinTech Startup:
Develop Local Content for Global Expansion

The Background

Established in 2010, this start-up established itself as the specialist provider of financial technologies for small businesses. In 2011, they launched their first apps and services with the vision of simplifying and democratizing payments. Today, the brand offers a wide range of small enterprise-focused financial supports such as payment, point-of-sale, funding, and partner applications globally. The brand’s development has outpaced target users’ perception of what it actually offers. While the company initially established itself with a ground-breaking intelligent card reader, its expertise has rapidly evolved into an integrated commerce platform for small businesses. In a market that is now fast becoming over-commoditized, the brand needed to communicate just how much more it has to offer. To achieve this, the brand created videos specifically designed for popular social media channels. Attracting over 300,000 views within just weeks of its launch, the first video quickly became one of the brand’s most engaged with pieces of content

The Challenge

Building on this success, the global team was keen to customize the video for its growing customer base across Latin America. The difference between markets and market focuses in Europe and countries like Brazil meant messaging had to be fine-tuned to resonate and meet the needs of a completely new target audience.

The Solution

At Venga, although we centrally-service multiple markets, we focused in on advising and supporting clients just like their local creative partners. The level of consultation we provided for this client was so valued because it exceeded their expectations.

Local target

Local client engagement. We engaged with the brand’s local marketing team to gain an in-depth understanding of their specific market dynamics. Working closely with our in-market creatives, we helped to bridge the brand’s global platform and local execution.

smart localization

Smart localization. Rather than a one-size-fits-all solution, we made optimal use of existing video content and creatively adapted specific messaging that mirrored the local market’s unique requirements.

Local team

In-market creativity and production. Production was organized entirely with local resources in order to ensure everything from the selection of voice over talents to graphic design work was consistent with each market’s global identity and local cultural needs.

The Result

Our local creative talents have tailored content that has convinced local targets that, rather than being a repurposed literal translation, the message they are receiving was created solely with them in mind. Constantly engaging with the brand’s local teams, we have given them the confidence that we are fully meeting their global needs within a totally local context. In-market production has also provided an additional layer of quality assurance when creative content is ready for final delivery.

What They Say…

“It’s perfect! We really appreciate all of Venga’s hard work in helping us to deliver the best. Thank you so much!”

-Marketing Manager (LATAM)