Global HR System Rollout

Content Translation & Localization

The Challenge








HR system
A Fortune 50 health company required translation and localization of training materials for the simultaneous worldwide rollout of their new cloud-based HRIS system. The rollout targeted 150,000+ employees, in 40 countries, speaking 23 languages, all with different cultures, languages, educational backgrounds, and learning preferences. HRIS graphic

The Solution

A six-step, proven plan for HR system rollouts and global employee training. Six steps for HRIS rollout

The Result


multimedia assets


calendar months
Within 3 months, we successfully completed translation and localization of country-specific web pages, job aid documents, eLearning videos (subtitling and voice-over) and live/online classroom training material. Types of HR translation content for translation Types of content for HR To facilitate the global roll-out, we have also designed and launched a 15-language global support portal, which allows all employees constant access on all devices.

What They Say

"Your great support of the global HR Services translations initiative allow us to provide multilingual communication and training materials to all employees across the company. We have made significant strides in achieving our goals."
- Senior Manager, Change & Communication

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