Global Marketing Campaign:
How We Helped WatchGuard Take "Red" Global

The Background

Prior to contacting us, WatchGuard had created a strong and distinctive campaign to bring to life their iconic image of the red lion. They had clearly defined their objectives and targets for the rollout. The campaign was aimed at major global corporate networks, that have the most to lose if their network is compromised.

The Challenge

The objectives:

1) To bring to life their iconic red lion representation of the brand.

2) To creatively and culturally adapt the campaign in different languages and for different cultures so that the brand personality makes perfect sense globally.

3) To use the adaptation across all touchpoints from internet banners to potentially other channels such as outdoor billboards.

Watchguard target country map

The Solution

For a global creative campaign to work locally we have to translate the idea, not just the words.

Building on the global creative platform. Traditionally, the hardware devices of WatchGuard are branded in bright red, and their brand mascot is the image of a ferocious lion. This iconic element forms the heart of the new global idea. The aim is to convey the same message everywhere, no matter in what language, or in what culture.

Striking the balance. What works well in the US may not work equally well in other markets, therefore the content needs to be filtered, transcreated, or adapted, rather than simply translated.

Local market support. As a global campaign initiative, the global team was keen to make sure that the local market teams got the best quality creative content, without spending lengthy time on production or huge amounts of money to make it happen. A centrally managed approval process is ideal.

Global implementation. The creative agency that WatchGuard had been working with only has offices in the US. Once the content had been transcreated or adapted, final assets also needed to be produced for various digital channels.

The campaign also had to be rolled out with a quick turn-around from the time when the global idea was approved.

The Result

Working together with the global team at WatchGuard, Venga managed and helped to adapt and produce all of the assets on time, and the campaign was rolled out simultaneously across all markets globally.

More importantly, the copy was transcreated and adapted creatively with the right tone and feel, as if it had been tailor-made for each local market. As one of the campaign headlines puts it: “Trade-offs are for the weak.” We won’t let any great idea lose any of its local flavors.

WatchGuard Campaign Examples

What They Say…

“Venga meets our timelines, is extraordinarily flexible when it comes to changes (believe me, I throw plenty at them), and thoroughly reliable when it comes to implementing the changes.”

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