Ingeniux CMS Integration:
Making a First-time Website Translation Project Quick & Painless

The Background

Ingeniux began its global expansion by setting up their first international office in France. They needed to quickly translate their corporate website (approximately 20,000 words) into French within one month’s time. Despite the fact that the Ingeniux development team had already worked closely to facilitate translation within the CMS with their end clients, the Ingeniux marketing team was new to the day-to-day requirements and challenges of the task.

The Challenge

Ingeniux faced a common scenario for most newly global enterprises when they tackle website translation for the first time. Where to even start? How do you prep files? Which files or content should be sent? Where are those files located? Is there an automated solution or does it have to be manual cutting and pasting? Who will review the translated material, in-house or external reviewers? When do we do the in-context review? How do you make the process efficient and cost-effective? How long will it take?

Ingeniux website

The Solution

Using Ingeniux’s own translation needs as a starting point, Venga and Ingeniux partnered together to create the Gateway Connect for Ingeniux Integration, which creates a seamless website translation integration within the Ingeniux CMS. The result takes the pain and long timelines out of web translation while also simplifying the process. This integration reduces errors and timelines as well as increases productivity, speed, continuity, consistency, and reliability. The results? No back and forth of manual file transfers, no figuring out which translated files go where.

The Gateway Connect for Ingeniux cuts the traditional website translation process in half, from eight steps to four.

Simplified translation process with Ingeniux CMS integration

The Result

Ingeniux’s first corporate website translation went extremely smoothly. Instead of the traditional eight steps website translation requires, with our Ingeniux CMS integration we could streamline the process into four steps. Venga provided translations within seven days; because of the seamless integration with the Ingeniux CMS, the French website could be launched within one month.

What They Say…

“Using the Venga translation integration with our Ingeniux CMS significantly reduced our content creation team’s workload and streamlined the process of translating a very large amount of content from English to French. Setting up the translation integration in the CMS took less than half a day, and from there it was just a matter of sending content and receiving it back through the integrator. We were very happy with the final results.”