Japanese Translation:
Marketo Training Courses

The Background

Marketo is a leading provider of marketing automation solutions and is used by some of the best-known companies in the world. They are experiencing rapid growth in Japan with new license sales and through deeper adoption of current customers

The Challenge

To meet the increase in demand, Marketo needed to translate and localize training content for their platform’s more advanced functionality.

Director of Education, Brian O’Leary explained:

“Our business in Japan is growing. At the start of 2018, Japan already had the more fundamental level of curriculum translated to Japanese and that was doing very well. Our customers often start out doing more straightforward marketing automation activities. Once they have matured, they want to move on to more automated and integrated types of marketing campaigns with their Marketo instance. The platform is set up for this, but to execute these more complex projects, customers need training to know how to really take advantage of the system. The customer base in Japan is maturing and they are wanting to do more with Marketo so we needed to start translating and localizing our more advanced curriculum for them.”

The Solution

There were three main areas of expertise that allowed Venga to provide a solid solution:


In-country expert linguists. Venga works with native linguists and reviewers who live currently in the target country. They are also selected based on subject matter expertise. As the Marketo project was a technical translation, we selected a team of linguists who had a background in software and technology.

In-Context Review Tools

Tools for in-context review. Our suite of InView for In-Context Review tools are able to simplify both internal and client review for a range of file types.

Follow the sun project management

Follow-the-sun project management and engineering support. A global team of project managers and technology specialists allows Venga to operate on a 24-hour model across time zones. Issues are addressed and questions answered promptly.

The Result

With the first batch of courses launched in Fall of 2018, Marketo has been pleased with the process.

What They Say…

“It was great! You guys made it easy. The entire process was very straight forward. You guys got right back to us in a day or two with quotes and the price was right. The tools you provide for reviewers are also great and they commented on that.

With Venga, we are treated as a priority so that really helped us with the speed to market.

One thing that we really liked was your in-country model. The feedback from Japan was that the quality of the translation was very high. And it was specialized software so that really speaks well of you guys.”