SEO-Optimized Translation for Global Findability

Smartwares Group

The Challenge



SEO Optimization

for multiple regions

Transform Text

from technical to marketing language
Smartwares Group markets a wide range of consumer goods under various brands. They operate in 63 countries and employ more than 400 people worldwide. They were faced with the challenge of setting up a new website for each brand and optimizing existing content for all product groups for improved online findability and online presence.


• Renew existing websites and provide product content in seven languages.

• Optimize product descriptions to make them look as good as possible for search engines, both for their own websites and for external European retailers webshops.

• Convert fairly short technical product descriptions into longer promotional texts.

• Limit translation costs.

• Provide large volumes of content with short lead times.

• Set up a new project information management system that is optimized for translation.

The Solution


Brainstorm session Tailored process SEO research text optimization

Brainstorm session:

Objectives and limitations are agreed on during an initial brainstorming session.

Tailored process:

A tailor-made process is created preserving the desired file formats.

SEO research:

SEO research is conducted of keywords in all languages.

Text optimized:

Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese

The Result


cost savings


words translated
Following this approach, the online findability of the Smartwares Group products was optimized, the quality of the texts improved, the speed of time-to-market reduced and the brands well represented in other countries.
Cost savings Cost savings Translation memory is leveraged so duplicate phrases are not paid for twice and similar phrases are discounted.
SEOSEO Achieve a balance of reused text which brings down cost via translation memory and unique text needed for optimal SEO.
EfficiencyEfficiency A good file transfer system for new texts and translations ensured that all documentation could be published quickly in all languages.
Translation teamsThe right translation teams Translators were selected based on their subject matter expertise and briefed on target markets.
Good communicationGood communication Smartwares Group and Venga Global's specialized security translation company, Translators International, regularly hold face-to-face consultations on location.

What They Say

“I really have the feeling of working with a partner, instead of a company where I only schedule assignments.” “I really enjoyed receiving tips and tricks during the writing process, making the translation process more efficient and reducing costs.” “You are flexible in both the peaks and valleys.”

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