Simplifying The Translation Process:
How Planday Saved Time & Money

The Background


core product elements

Planday builds software that makes it easier for managers and hourly workers to communicate, collaborate, and get work done. They empower businesses by making the relationship between hourly workers and their managers more efficient, transparent, and productive, which leads to better business returns. Their product has 6 core elements, which meet the complex needs of a growing business: scheduling, communication, payroll, employee management, time tracking, and reporting.  

Planday Software


The Challenge



Planday was using an expensive, over-complicated translation system that made it easy to introduce errors. Their translation management system included middleware, separate software that connected their previous translation vendor with their internal system. In the review process, a single click could rewrite a string of code or send text to publication with errors in it. Planday was spending far too much time managing their process and trying to catch errors before they were introduced into client-facing material.

Planday Translation Challenge

The Solution

Eliminate the middleware: Venga helped Planday simplify their integration process by developing a custom, “zero lock-in” solution adapted to their process.

“We now have this agile way of doing translation. We can easily request changes and have a way to deploy to staging. It is simple and streamlined with safeguards in place to avoid introducing errors into the translations.”

Increase engagement: All the right people at Planday can use and edit the new translation system, so employees can streamline their work and complete projects efficiently.

It is really nice to know that both our mobile and product teams are able to work from the same system even though they have very different processes in terms of how they pull the translations.”

Accelerate the timeline: With the new software and translation process, Planday has reduced its time-to-market from 2-3 weeks to about 4 days.

“We are not blocked from releasing translations due to fear that it will break our code anymore,”

Consistent quality: Planday now pre-books their translation resources, providing better predictability and quality. They set aside a number of hours every week and can leverage their employees’ time effectively.

The Result


management time



Before Planday switched to Venga, they thought they would need to increase their headcount to handle the translation process. But now they have optimized the time spent on translation and built the foundation for software that evolves with their needs. Now, Planday works with a streamlined process that provides quality translations by subject matter expert linguists, and Venga manages the details and makes any changes. Venga and Planday have regular consultations, and Venga helps suggest tweaks and improvements to the system so it changes with Planday’s business operations. And the changes in the process have increased buy-in among Planday employees as well.

What They Say…

“It is a lot easier for everyone who is working with translations to own their own part of the process. This is really important for building a culture around the fact that we are all using the system and can contribute.”

-Julia Judge, Head of Customer Offerings