Originated in the software industry, Venga understands the value of localization and translation technology in streamlining processes, enhancing quality, saving time and lowering costs. At Venga, we are technology agnostic, constantly evaluating new tools to support our clients in better ways.

Automated Website Translation

Automated Website Translation

Our translation technology repository includes WebToGlobal, offering translation automation of your website, even if you don’t have a CMS. No technical expertise required — just one click starts your website translation. Learn more

CMS Localization Integration

CMS Integration

Venga’s production system integrates with different content management systems (CMS) and repositories for smooth transitions from project start to finish. Then, automated workflows start the localization process. Learn more

Cloud-Based Localization Platform

Localization Platform

Venga clients are given access to project information and language assets. And, our cloud-based translation environment allows your internal multilingual resources to review, edit, and comment on completed translations. Learn more

Machine Translation copy

Machine Translation

Venga can provide machine translation (MT) and post-editing solutions by building a customized MT engine using your existing multilingual corpora and integrating your glossaries and translation memories. Learn more

Translation Memory

Translation Memory

Every time you complete a translation project, the translated text is stored in a translation memory for reuse next time you want to translate content. This saves you time, money, while also ensuring consistency and accuracy.  Learn more

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