Gateway Client Portal

Enabling 24/7 access to create projects and track all relevant information for translation jobs, Venga's Gateway Client Portal plays a vital role in project governance and business intelligence. Our Client Portal ensures clients can create, track, and gather intelligence on their translation jobs via a central hub to drive decision making.


Faster Job Initiation. Rather than wasting time worrying about the risks and hassle of emailing sensitive data and files, Venga’s Client Portal enables clients to simply create new jobs and upload their files through a secure platform.


Quicker Quote Approvals. Clients can submit a quote request and quickly receive a detailed quote they can approve or reject with just a click. Once a quote has been accepted, our system will automatically initiate the translation on the client’s behalf.




Dashboard of relevant KPIs. Our expert in-house team will set up each client’s portal dashboard to display key metrics and measurements such as budget usage, achieved savings, projects needing attention, spend analysis, etc.


Easier Invoice Monitoring. Easily check the status of all your invoices or download them in PDF format to review their details.




Business Intelligence. Our easy-to-understand detailed translation data overviews ensure clients can make informed decisions. To this end, we have created several tracking report templates covering key topics. This provides the data needed to determine the next steps for growth.