CMS Integration

How much time are you spending manually transferring and preparing files, so that they can be translated? Venga integrates its production system with clients’ content management systems and repositories so that projects and quotes can be initiated with one click. This CMS integration creates automated workflows to start immediate production after a project has been requested or a quote is approved. All API communication is initiated behind our clients’ firewalls leaving you full control and security over the integration.

Ingeniux CMS + Venga Integration

Venga’s website translation system integrates with any CMS, however, our partnership with Ingeniux allows us to especially work closely within their system to deliver a time- and money-saving website translation solution. Learn more on this unique integration.

Drupal + Venga Connector

At Venga, we wanted to extend Drupal’s ease of use to the otherwise tedious process of getting content translated. So we asked our crafty engineers to create a solution that removed the need for copying and pasting, automated the exchange of information between the system and the translators and, allowed the user to know exactly which content has or has not already been translated. The result, the Drupal + Venga Connector. Learn more about this fortuitous partnership.

One Click Projects and Quotes

At Venga, we are committed to managing and using time efficiently. All projects and quotes can be initiated with one click, which reduces the time needed for quoting and expedites the localization process, allowing you to have your translation back faster.

24/7 Automated Workflows

Venga creates automated workflows to start immediate production after a project has been requested or once a quote is approved. Also, your internal reviewers (if any) will be notified automatically the moment the translation is ready. Therefore, no matter where your business is located, we can ensure uninterrupted production 24/7.

Client Secure, Client Driven

With our integration with content repositories, all projects are initiated behind our clients’ firewalls. There is no need to provide us with access into your system. Once a project is initiated, your content files will be stored on our secure servers. Only specific Venga team members associated with a given translation project are allowed access to view the content files.

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