InView In-Context Tools

Venga’s collection of in-context translation and review tools simplify the localization process. Whether it is a video project, web application, or involving InDesign when content is seen in context by all parties involved, confusion is reduced and the most suitable translations can be implemented from step one.

InView for Subtitling

InView for Subtitling is an in-context subtitling tool that streamlines the subtitling translation and review process. The ultimate aim is that your localized videos look and sound every bit as natural as the originals.









InView for InDesign

InView for InDesign is an in-context review tool that making the review process even simpler for both the client’s and our own internal reviewers. The tool minimizes version control headaches and time-consuming copying and pasting that can introduce errors into your content. It also eliminates the need to send large files via email. InDesign files can be uploaded simply and proofreaders assigned accordingly.





InView for Product

InView for Product is an online tool that enables in-context translation and review of web-based products, desktop apps, and websites. Enabling linguists to translate a product in-context this tool reduces quality issues that must be corrected later and eliminates the need for a separate testing step.