Machine Translation

Leverage a tailor-made machine translation engine based on your company’s unique data. Using human reviewers to augment inexpensive machine translations, we provide customize workflows that mirror your company’s cost and quality requirements.

Customized Engines

Rather than using error-prone free machine translation services, Venga leverages commercial machine translation (MT) engines. After factoring in your insights, we customize everything to reflect your company’s precise localization and budgetary needs. The end result is a private MT engine which is totally in tune with your content.

Built in Days, Not Months

In a business world where time is always of the essence, MT-handled localization projects can measurably cut costs and save time. This is especially important if rapid turnarounds are essential for your company’s success. To ensure speedier access to major overseas markets, our engineers can build you a private customized MT engine in just days.

Light or Full Post-Editing

With sufficient preparation and customization, our MT engines yield context-correct translations requiring only minimal post-editing. Depending on your needs, our language specialists can then conduct either light or full post-editing to ensure all translated documents are of consistently high quality.

Data Refining Process

Seamlessly integrating your glossaries and translation memories into your company’s private MT engine, our team will help you to measurably improve content quality. By making it easier to identify issues and correct errors in your translation assets, they will also further enhance your MT engine’s accuracy and quality.

Machine Translation Analytics

Our customized MT engine will also provide your project with translation statistics documenting the percentages you have leveraged from your previously approved translated content as compared to human translations of the same text. In other words, our analytics will detail the evolution of your company’s MT engine.