Machine Translation

You may not always have a budget to translate for each country in the world for which there is a business case. Venga’s machine translation (MT) and post editing services will have you localizing for those international markets in days. Venga will refine your translation assets such as your translation memory (TM) to help build your corpus. Venga will also build you a private and customized translation engine that can give you translation statistics on how new translations were leveraged from previous translations and the growth of your MT engine.

Customized Engines, All Private

Instead of using free machine translation services, which are prone to errors, Venga takes advantage of commercial machine translation engines and customize them with your corpus to meet your specific localization needs and budget. The result is your own private MT engine designed to translate your content.

Built in Days, Not Months

Time is of the essence for any business. Using MT for your localization projects can help reduce costs and save time, especially if there is a need for rapid turnaround time. Venga engineers can build you a private and customized engine in a matter of days so that you can get to your international markets faster.

Light and Heavy Post-Editing

With the right amount of preparation and customization, Venga’s MT engines yield context-correct translations that require minimal post-editing. Depending on your needs, the Venga team of post-editing specialists can conduct either light or heavy post-editing to ensure the documents translated will consistently remain of high quality before delivery.

Data Refining Process

The Venga team can integrate your glossaries and translation memories into your private MT engine to yield even higher quality results. We can also help identify and correct errors and issues in your translation assets, further enhancing the accuracy and quality of your MT engine.

Machine Translation Analytics

Venga’s customized MT engine for your project will provide you with translation statistics documenting the percentage you leveraged from your existing corpora compared to human translations in your translated text. The analytics can also show you how your MT engine is growing.

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