V_Data Collection Tools

Venga has developed V_Data, a customized suite of data collection and annotation technology, to manage supervised natural language processing (NLP) translation projects for text, voice, and images.

V_Data for Text

V-Data for Text is a cloud-based system created to enable quality translations of data sets using a supervised human-in-the-loop translation process.

V_Data for Voices

Venga’s V-Data for Voices is a cloud-based system that allows Click & Record solutions for capturing voice data. It is designed to ensure simplicity and a consistent delivery format.

V_Data for Images

With V_Data for Images, our team can identify the contents in images, label, annotate, and translate. Our web-based tool imports images by URL and can work with any image.

V_Data for Writing

V-Data for Writing is a cloud-based system created to enable the capture of handwritten data in 75+ languages for training handwritten data sets.