Process & Cloud-Based Support

Would you like to have access to localization production and translation process information at any time? Venga’s cloud-based client portal gives you information on current and past projects and an easy way to request a quote. Should you require, Venga also provides you secure online access 24/7 to your translation memories and terminology glossaries. If you have your own internal reviewers, the Venga translation management system allows your linguistic reviewers to make changes directly to the translated content to reduce turnaround and ensure faster time to market.

Client Portal Reporting

In today’s global marketplace, Venga fosters transparency and direct communication between all stakeholders and work to meet all deadlines and expectations. The dashboard gives you access to several reports that show progress and scope of current and historical projects. Our client portal also informs you of the projects’ statuses, and serves as a platform to request quotes, and to receive invoices.

Cloud-Based Translation Process

Venga’s central cloud-based workflow infrastructure runs across projects, departments, and geographies. We enable all stakeholders involved in the localization and translation process to have the access they need to reduce the time it takes to move from one process step to the next. By automating steps that were previously manual, we increase efficiency and make sure we always meet the deadline.

24/7 Access: TMs and Terminology

You always have access to language assets from your projects. If you require 24/7 access, we can enable your team to get access to all elements of your project, including language assets such as translation memories or terminology bases when needed.

Web-Based Client Review

Venga is committed to maintaining file integrity and time efficiency. By reviewing the project via our translation management system on the web, you save time and prevent the possibility of losing files or examining the wrong version of the project.

Get a Quote

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