Software Industry Expertise

Venga grew up in the software industry, with solid software localization (L10n) and internationalization (i18n) experience. We know that the software industry is forever evolving. With the increased popularity of software as a service (SaaS) and cloud and mobile-based applications, several things have changed, such as:

  • Easier for the software vendor to release frequent upgrades

  • Agile development process, or hybrids thereof, fits better with an organization that releases products often

  • You can reach your global customer base from day one

  • It is easier for a customer to change from a product that doesn’t work to a product that is a good match for their specific needs. The challenge is to drive usage within customer organizations and make sure the user experience meets the user’s needs

25+ Years Globalizing Technology

Venga has 25+ years experience from driving globalization best practices for the dynamic technology sector. From branding to websites, software localization and internationalization to marketing collateral, our expertise runs the full spectrum of what it takes to successfully bring international products and services to market.

We started as an in-house localization department at PeopleSoft and then Oracle. Venga has vetted resources worldwide including internationalization (i18n), localization (L10n), and global marketing and branding experts to ensure that your effort to go global is as agile as possible.

Agile Software Localization

Over the years, we have developed proven and adaptable processes, enabling us to create projects tailored to each client or project’s requirements. We have a proven process for managing software localization within an agile development process. Venga also follows the evolution of the global marketplace and have adapted our localization processes accordingly, implementing new solutions based on cutting-edge technology.

Full Globalization Support

Venga provides software localization services, consultation, education, technology, translation, and related value-added services to companies growing their revenue in international markets. Venga’s team of experts includes more than 2,300 linguists, domain specialists, subject matter experts, international creative talents, and internationalization engineers across the globe with the ability to support all aspects of your globalization needs.

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